WWDTM Statistics: Updates

Over the past two weeks, I have finished entering panelist and guest scores for all of the 2005 “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” shows. Also, bar graphs have been added in the “Panelist Statistics” section to show the distribution of scores for each panelist. The updates are available at the WWDTM: Show Details and Statistics page.

I am now in the process of filling out show breakdown and notes for the 2005 shows. Once that I have finished with that, I will start to add information about the 2004 shows.

[2007-09-12] Update: show descriptions have been entered for all but a few of the 2005 shows and I am now moving on to 2004. The basic data structures for 2003 has already been put into place, with 2000-2002 to follow in the next couple of weeks.