No Carl Kasell on My Voicemail

Being a fan of the NPR program, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and knowing that one of their live tapings would fall on my birthday (this past Thursday), I sent an e-mail to NPR trying to be picked as a listener that could get Carl Kasell’s voice on my voice mail.

Well, I was one of the listeners that was selected, but instead of answering at least two of three news questions or limericks correctly, or to try to find the true story in the Bluff the Listener round… I was selected for the Not My Job segment (of which the chances of winning isn’t very good) with tennis legend Monica Seles. Unfortunately, Monica came up with goose eggs when trying to answer questions about the Guinness Brewing Company.

So… I won’t be getting Carl Kasell’s voice on my voice mail this time (which would have been great as a birthday present, of sorts). Instead, for the consolation prize, I get my name mentioned on the show by both Carl and Monica.