Holy traffic spike, Wait Wait fans!

I want to say thanks for all of the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! fans that have visited my statistics page and my home page. It is amazing to look at the traffic graph over the past week or so in Google Analytics and with WordPress Stats. Let’s just say that the previous days and weeks look like nothing compared to this weekend’s traffic numbers (click on the thumbnail to see the full graph).


As mentioned in the post titled, “Plans for Wait Wait Statistics Site“, I am still looking at a couple of options on how to improve the Wait Wait stats page, including:

  • Rather have everything on a single page, break out the stats on a per year basis.
  • Provide information on which panelist had the correct bluff (I already have some collected information on that) and whether the contestant guessed correctly (I don’t have information on that).
  • Denoting where the show was recorded, be it at the WBEZ studios (for the older shows), at Chase Auditorium, or on the road. I definitely have not collected that information.
  • Generate a listing of dates that each panelist was on the show; I find that useful if I want to create playlists for shows that had Paula Poundstone or Luke Burbank on as a panelist.

If there are any new features that you would like to see in the next and/or future versions of the WWDTM stats page, please feel free to post a comment. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get to it nor be able to commit on a date of completion.

I am also looking at the option of hosting the site and stats page somewhere other than off of my own broadband connection. Let’s just say that it isn’t the fastest connection in the world and I’d like to reduce my server footprint at home. Unfortunately, that costs money and requires me to relinquish some control of the server to a third-party.