Mo Rocca, The World’s Worst Obstetrician

During the second panelist round of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! that aired the weekend of 2011-06-18, the discussion lead to Mo Rocca saying that having a Hula dancer in the same room as a mother giving birth would help the mother relax. This led to Luke Burbank asking if this would be blogged on “Mo Rocca, The World’s Worst Obstetrician dot net”.

I didn’t get to listen to that segment until several days later and noticed that the domain had not been taken… yet. So, I decided to register the domain and set up the site to redirect to my Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! statistics page.

Well, this week’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! show was all about listener favorite segments and requests. Many of the listeners wanted a lot of Mo Rocca moments, but Peter and Carl included Mo Rocca’s Hula dancer moment. Peter then added:

A note to that story. You may know that a listener named Linh Pham keeps a detailed archive of past Wait Wait episodes. Shortly after that question aired back in June, Linh registered “Mo Rocca, the world’s worst obstetrician dot net” as a website and it takes you to the Wait Wait archive.

Yep, got another mention on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!; and as a fan of Wait Wait, that’s pretty darn awesome.