Wait Wait Stats Update: Jumping Down to a Specific Show

Up until now, there was no way to create a link that goes to a certain show on the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me statistics page. Instead, you would have to go the page and scroll down or search for the show’s date. Now, you can create links that refers to a specific show’s entry.

To link to a specific entry, you can use the following URL template:


Replace “<YYYYMMDD>” with the show’s four digit year, two digit month and two digit day. For example, to create a link that points to the spot for the April 23, 2011 show, the URL you would use is:


I know, it’s a small update, but I hope someone finds it useful. :)


  1. Donald Wthie

    I am interested in getting a copy of the podcast from August 20, 2005! The NPR archives for WWDTM only go back to 2006. I have found a listing showing the various segments and actions for that show, but could not get an audio file. Any help, ideas, pointers?

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