Kicking Off Development of WWDTM Stats Version 2.0

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the new blog! I have started this blog as a means to announce that the design and development of version 2.0 of the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Stats Page has started. This blog will also provide some insights into what will go into the new version and maybe a few peeks behind the curtains.

I don’t have any set milestones or timelines for the development and launch of the new version; but, I hope to have something like an alpha version ready by July 26th. What’s so special about July 26th? Well, let’s just say that I’ll be in Chicago that day ;)

N.B.: Please note that this blog, like the new version of the WWDTM Stats Page, is still under some development. Not all of the design elements have been finalized and some things are a bit rough around the edges.