Progress Update on Wait Wait Stats Page Version 3.0 Development

Over the past week, I have been working on adding a few small touches and fixing a few lingering bugs on the soon-to-be-released Wait Wait Stats Page Version 3.0.

One of the small touches that I added was to the graph displaying each panelists’s point spread. The graph now includes the count of number of times a panelist has scored that amount above the corresponding score. Below is what the graph looks like for Alonzo Bodden:

Updated Panelist Information Block
Updated Panelist Information Block

You will also notice that I have also included the score for each panelist appearance listed below the graph when you view the detailed panelist stats and what position the panelist finished.

Updated Show Block

The other new addition to the each of the show details are arrows next to each host, scorekeeper, panelist and guest that links to their respective details page.

I still have a bit clean-up left to do within the code and last bits of optimization to complete before the site goes live the morning of January 31st.