Wait Wait Stats Page Version 3.1 is Now Live

I have been working on a couple of┬áchanges and new features for the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Stats Page over the past weeks and decided to publish the changes the weekend that Carl Kasell’s farewell show airs. Now that that day has arrived, I have finished making last minute changes and pushed out the new version.

The first change to the Stats Page now includes Carl Kasell’s new title, SE for Scorekeeper Emeritus, included after his name on the Stats Page. Once an official announcement has been made on the long-term replacement for Carl, I will make the necessary code changes to reflect that.

Carl Kasell, Scorekeeper Emeritus
Carl Kasell, Scorekeeper Emeritus

The new feature that I have added to the Stats Page is the addition of a new graph for each of the panelists. The existing graph displays a scoring breakdown for each panelist (if the panelist has any scoring information available) and the new graph provides a scoring timeline for each panelist. The leftmost point on the graph represent’s the panelist’s first appearance on the show and the plot continues to the right to the panelist’s most recent appearance. At this point, if a panelist has not appeared on Wait Wait for at least three times (and scoring information is available), a graph is not displayed.

Example of a Score Graph for Mo Rocca

Along with the new graph, the graph generation scripts creates two sizes for each graph: the normal size version and a larger version. The larger version is available when you click or tap on the graph on the Panelists page and will open in a new window or tab.