How Often Do Not My Job Guests Answer All Three Questions Correctly?

After Michael Giacchino correctly answered all three of his Not My Job questions, Bill Kurtis mentioned that doing so was “a bit rare”. I wanted to go back and see how often Not My Job guests correctly answered all three Not My Job questions correctly.

Thankfully, querying the Stats Page database for that wasn’t a very difficult task. The following is the query that I used to pull the data, grouping the results by year:

Querying Stats Page Database for Not My Guest correctly answered all three questions

Before I ran that query, I checked to see how many questions Bill Oakley answered correctly, as he is a bit of an exception to Not My Job guests. Earlier in 2016, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me taped two shows when they visited Portland, Oregon; in which, Bill Oakley was the Not My Job guest for the second taping. Since the second show was not aired as a normal Wait Wait show, they aired Bill Oakley’s Not My Job segment as part of a Best Of show on 2016-08-27. The query above excludes Best Of shows to eliminate duplicate entries.

Bill Oakley had answered two questions correctly; and, thus, would not have altered the results.

Year Occurrences
2004 3
2005 1
2006 2
2007 5
2008 2
2009 5
2010 2
2011 6
2012 8
2013 7
2014 7
2015 8
2016 7

As the results show, there are more Not My Job guests that had correctly answered all three of their Not My Job questions starting in 2011. This is partially due to an increasing trend of Peter Sagal dropping not-so-subtle hints of which the three choices is correct. There are also instances where the panelists and/or the audience provide some nudging as well.

Another note is that Bill Kurtis started guest-scorekeeping the show starting in 2012-08-18 and step in full-time starting on 2014-05-27. Since then, Bill Kurtis has been on 25 shows in which the Not My Job guest(s) have scored 3 points.

Show Date Scorekeeper Not My Job Guest Score Exception
2012-09-08 Bill Kurtis Bonnie Raitt 3 0
2013-03-23 Bill Kurtis Apollo Robbins 3 0
2013-06-15 Bill Kurtis Buzz Aldrin 3 1
2013-06-29 Bill Kurtis Jackie Joyner-Kersee 3 0
2014-05-24 Bill Kurtis Toni Braxton 3 0
2014-05-31 Bill Kurtis Alicia Silverstone 3 0
2014-06-21 Bill Kurtis Nick Hitchon 3 0
2014-07-12 Bill Kurtis Mikaela Shiffrin 3 0
2014-11-22 Bill Kurtis Andy Cohen 3 0
2014-12-13 Bill Kurtis Sir Patrick Stewart 3 0
2015-01-31 Bill Kurtis Jon Tester 3 0
2015-05-02 Bill Kurtis Jonathan Adler 3 0
2015-05-23 Bill Kurtis Clay Aiken 3 0
2015-07-11 Bill Kurtis Terry Gross 3 0
2015-09-19 Bill Kurtis Tom Ricketts 3 0
2015-09-26 Bill Kurtis Jewel 3 0
2015-10-31 Bill Kurtis Jake Tapper 3 0
2015-12-05 Bill Kurtis Jeff Daniels 3 0
2016-01-16 Bill Kurtis Sutton Foster 3 0
2016-02-13 Bill Kurtis Mark and Jay Duplass 3 1
2016-07-23 Bill Kurtis Charles Bolden 3 0
2016-09-03 Bill Kurtis Bill "Spaceman" Lee 3 0
2016-10-29 Bill Kurtis Steve Young 3 0
2016-11-12 Bill Kurtis Joe Buck 3 0
2016-12-24 Bill Kurtis Michael Giacchino 3 0

There have been two exceptions, as noted by the “1” in the column named “Exception”. The first exception was Buzz Aldrin, who only answered one Not My Job question correctly; but, Bill Kurtis gave Buzz all three points and won Carl Kasell’s voice for a listener. I got confirmation of the score from the Wait Wait team on Twitter:

Confirmation tweet from the Wait Wait team regarding Buzz Aldrin’s Not My Job score

The second exception was when the Duplass Brothers (Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass) were on the show and Mark and Jay were split on their answers for the third Not My Job question. Since they had already answered the first two questions correctly, and one of the two brothers got the correct answer, Bill accepted it and gave them three points, but with an asterisk. As such, I have noted it as an exception in the database.

In closing, it has been a little bit less rare for Not My Job guests to answer all three questions correctly (or get a scoring exception) in recent years.

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