Daily Archives: Monday, July 17, 2017

  • Taking a Look at the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Panel Gender Mix

    Ever since Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! started back in 1998, even when Peter Sagal was a panelist on the show and not the host, the panel consisted of three panelists. There would always be at minimum one female panelist on the panel, sometimes two. It wasn’t until the Wait Wait that aired in September 12, 2015 did the show have an all female panel consisting of Faith Salie, Roxanne Roberts and Paula Poundstone.

    Roughly one year and nine months later, on the June 10, 2017 show, Wait Wait would have their second all female panel, featuring Paula Poundstone, Faith Salie and Tracy Clayton.

    After the show aired and I finished collecting notes, I started to what the panel looked like in terms of how many male and female panelists were on each show’s panel. So, I started figuring out what database queries I would need to write, validate the results and collected the data onto a spreadsheet (to the TBTL listeners out there, the last “t” is silent).