Bluff the Listener, Not My Job and Lightning Data Collected and Entered for 2001 onward

Due to the ongoing pandemic scuppering my plans to visit Chicago and go to a Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! live taping on my 40th birthday, I decided to take some time off of work and do some catch-up work on the Wait Wait Stats Page side of things. So, over the past few days, I have been collecting and entering in the missing data for theBluff the Listener segment data (correct and chosen panelists), Not My Job scores, and some of the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment starting score and correct answers.

Up until recently, I was missing a varying amount of data for 2001 through 2012. For the most part, I scanned through each of the segment audio or full show audio, that I’ve been able to coax off of NPR’s public servers, and record the data as I went along. Something that I noted is that the segment order that NPR lists for some of the shows in the early 2000s does not match up with actual audio segment order.

I was able to use NPR’s transcriptions for the Bluff the Listener segments as a source for the shows in the 2010s. There is one show in 2001 in which I have not been able to find any audio files for and that’s the December 8th show. NPR has files for all other shows from that year except for that one. #sigh

Anyway, the data is available at the Stats Page at, the Reports site at, the Graphs site and through the Stats API (API documentation is available at