Wait Wait Stats Update: Not My Job Data

I have finished entering the list of Not My Job guests into the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Stats Page database; although, I have not included any guest scores as that will be a nice process of listening to the older shows. I am now working on adding in show descriptions for shows, filling the void between 2000 and 2004. This process will probably take a couple of weeks to complete. Thankfully, it isn’t quite as tedious as entering in the list of Not My Job guests. Please note that I am basing the show descriptions on what is listed in the show archives on NPR.org, so the level of detail may vary dramatically. Once that has been completed, I will work on filling in the data for shows prior to 2000. It’s just easier to do it in chunks, particularly when the really …

Wait Wait Stats Update: Panelist Appearances (Part 3)

I have finished entering in all of the panelist appearances into the database for the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Stats Page. Unfortunately, the panelist scores are still void since that data will have to be collected and entered through other means. It is also unfortunate that a lot of the earlier show audio is no longer available through the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! archives, so I will need to figure out other means to procure that information. Next up? I’m going to try to finish filling in the Not My Job guest appearances.

Wait Wait Stats Update: Panelist Appearances (Part 2)

When the latest version of the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Statistics Page gets published later today, you might notice a couple of new additions. The one that that I have finished implementing is displaying the percentage of appearances that each panelist has gotten first, tied for first, second, tied for second and third place. This should be a better indicator on how well a panelist has done based on how often their appeared on the show. The other additions to the page hint at an upcoming feature that I am currently coding up: statistics for both the show hosts and scorekeepers. At this point, I’m not sure exactly what statistics will be displayed. I don’t have a timeline on when I will have the new feature ready for release.

Wait Wait Stats Update: Jumping Down to a Specific Show

Up until now, there was no way to create a link that goes to a certain show on the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me statistics page. Instead, you would have to go the page and scroll down or search for the show’s date. Now, you can create links that refers to a specific show’s entry. To link to a specific entry, you can use the following URL template: http://wwdt.me/stats/#s<YYYYMMDD> Replace “<YYYYMMDD>” with the show’s four digit year, two digit month and two digit day. For example, to create a link that points to the spot for the April 23, 2011 show, the URL you would use is: http://wwdt.me/stats/#s20110423 I know, it’s a small update, but I hope someone finds it useful. :)

Wait Wait Stats Update: Page Loads

I have made a significant change to how the Wait Wait Stats page is served up to visitors. Up until earlier this morning, each page view required the server to process and parse through all of the data, then serve up the results. Each time the page is processed takes about a second and requires the server to send out the contents out in its entirety, even if there hasn’t been any changes. That’s a waste of time and bandwidth (both mine and yours), along with processor cycles. With the new change, the server generates a static version of the page every Saturday at 13:00 (Pacific Time) and each request of the Wait Wait Stats page will go through a simple script that determines if the static file is newer than original dynamic script file. If it is, the server provides the last modified …