Updates to the Wait Wait Stats Page Coming Soon

During the weekend of May 17th and 18th, I will be rolling out a few updates to the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Stats Page, on the heels of coming back from Carl Kasell’s scorekeeper finale in Washington DC. The updates to the site will include adding a new graph for each of the panelists. I won’t spill all of the details, but below is a sneak peek at what the graph would look like, without obfuscations of course.  

Progress Update on Wait Wait Stats Page Version 3.0 Development

Over the past week, I have been working on adding a few small touches and fixing a few lingering bugs on the soon-to-be-released Wait Wait Stats Page Version 3.0. One of the small touches that I added was to the graph displaying each panelists’s point spread. The graph now includes the count of number of times a panelist has scored that amount above the corresponding score. Below is what the graph looks like for Alonzo Bodden: You will also notice that I have also included the score for each panelist appearance listed below the graph when you view the detailed panelist stats and what position the panelist finished. The other new addition to the each of the show details are arrows next to each host, scorekeeper, panelist and guest that links to their respective details page. I still have a bit clean-up left to …

Wait Wait Stats Update: Jumping Down to a Specific Show

Up until now, there was no way to create a link that goes to a certain show on the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me statistics page. Instead, you would have to go the page and scroll down or search for the show’s date. Now, you can create links that refers to a specific show’s entry. To link to a specific entry, you can use the following URL template: http://wwdt.me/stats/#s<YYYYMMDD> Replace “<YYYYMMDD>” with the show’s four digit year, two digit month and two digit day. For example, to create a link that points to the spot for the April 23, 2011 show, the URL you would use is: http://wwdt.me/stats/#s20110423 I know, it’s a small update, but I hope someone finds it useful. :)

Wait Wait Stats Update: 1998 Part Deux

As noted in the original “Wait Wait Stats Update: 1998” post, my goal was to complete filling out the panelists, guests and descriptions for all of 1998 by the end of June. Well, it’s now 1 July 2011 and I still haven’t gotten all of the show descriptions filled out. At least I have the guests entered in (without scores). What I was able to do before the end of June was to add one of the features that I had been thinking about doing (and some have been asking for). If you visit the stats page, you will notice that all of the show dates are now links. When you click on the link, it will send you over to that show’s specific page on NPR.org. That way, you can view the transcripts for the newer shows, listen to a segment or the …

Wait Wait Stats Updates: 1998

I just wanted to give all of you “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” fans an update on the statistics page. I am in the process of adding the panelist and guest information for 1998. Scores will be added once the panelists and guests have been entered in, along with show descriptions. Whether I can maintain a decent pace will have to depend on the amount of spare time I will have in the following four or five days. I hope to get a good portion of the 1999 data added during the month of June. I hope to complete a year of stats each month until I have caught up. During that time, I will try to work on a way to note where each show is recorded, be it in studio, at Chase Auditorium, or on the road. Here’s to hoping that I …