21 Jul 2012: Paula Poundstone’s winning streak hits five games

Although Paula mistakenly noted right before her turn in this week’s Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank round that she had won the last three times that she has been on. In fact, Paula had won the last four games that she was on:

Right before she took her turn, she was attempting to do some humble-bragging. After answering five questions correct, Paula had won that round; thus, extending her winning streak to five games.

Now, for a little bit of additional trivia about Paula’s five game winning streak:

  • When put in numerical order, Paula’s winning scores is a series of five consecutive numbers: 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.
  • Paula has now beaten Brian Babylon three times (2012-03-31, 2012-06-23 and 2012-07-19).
  • Paula has now beaten Luke Burbank twice (2012-05-16 and 2012-06-23).
  • In two of the games in which Paula won, the two other panelists tied: Maz Jobrani and Brian Babylon on 2012-03-31 with 12 points each; and, Amy Dickinson and Tom Bodett on 2012-04-28 with 16 points each.

I anxiously wait to see what happens the next time Paula is on the show!