wwdt.me Shortened URLs for linking to WWDTM shows on NPR.org

In efforts to make linking to specific Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! shows on NPR’s website easier, I have created a simple URL shortening system that anyone can use. In fact, I have already updated the current Stats Page to use the new URLs to reduce the overall page size.

There are two formats for the new shortened URLs:

  • http://wwdt.me/s/YYYYMMDD
  • http://wwdt.me/s/YYYY-MM-DD

To use either, just replace “YYYY” with the four-digit year, “MM” with the two digit month and “DD” with the two digit day. For example, to link to this past week’s page on NPR.org, the shortened URLs are: http://wwdt.me/s/20120721 and http://wwdt.me/s/2012-07-21.

There are some sanity checks to verify that there is a show corresponding to the date in the URL. If there isn’t, it will redirect you to the Stats Page.