Visiting NYC for the special Wait Wait Cinecast

First, I want to apologize greatly for not posting anything on this blog forĀ months, particularly updates on the WWDTM Stats Page. Well, there have been several major and minor developments on the Stats Page.

With that said, I had the awesome opportunity to see the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! special cinecast event at the source, from the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, on 2 May 2013. Thanks to the gang, I was able to score a seat with a direct view of the Wait Wait set, and just a few rows back. This made up for the fact that I couldn’t meet with Peter, Carl, Paula, Tom or Mo before or after the show.

Based on reports from friends that saw the cinecast screened at local theaters, they were able to see my distinctive blue jacket and ogreish build as the camera panned through the audience throughout the show. Due to the excessive amount of time required to get through the Not My Job segment, the Listener Limerick Challenge segment and post-show Q&A did not make it into the cinecast part streamed into the theaters. During the post-show Q&A, I raised my hand and Peter called on me and mentioned that I was the guy that runs the Stats Page. /swoon.

I am, still, very happy that I was able to travel to NYC and see the show. Below are a few photos that I was able to take and actually came out looking pretty good.

02 May 2013 WWDTM at NYU Skirball Center

I want to thank to the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! crew for providing me with a ticket and a great seat.