All show descriptions entered

I have finished entering in show descriptions for all Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! shows from the very beginning up to the latest show; as well as, going back and cleaning up the description for the earliest shows.

The next set of statistics that I will start collecting and entering are the Not My Job and panelist scores for the shows that I have audio for. I will work on collecting Bluff the Listener information as well. The latter will be displayed in the next version of the Stats Page.


  1. Jordan

    We were looking for a show we had heard but we couldn’t find it anywhere. We think it was the bluff the listener portion and it was about towns with obscene town names. Please help!

    1. Linh Pham

      I just found it, it was the Bluff the Listener round from the 2009-08-08 show. I remember it being a bluff that Tom Bodett did and used that to narrow it down.

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